The concept development plan Hoge Woerd is established

The college of municipal Utrecht has agreed on the concept development plan for the Hoge Woerd, which includes the participation response to the preliminary concept plan. This agreement enables the built of a Roman castellum. The Hoge Woerd will accommodate several facilities, like an exhibition space concerning the Roman past, a theatre, a culture house, an education centre and a  stable of a children’s farm. Also the Roman ship that has been dug up in the area of the Hoge Woerd will be presented. The architectonic design of the Castellum will start this fall. According to expectations the culture centre of the Hoge Woerd will be open for public in 2013. The final development plan will be offered for approval to the college of municipal  Utrecht, once the last necessary views have been  processed.

The present Castellum Hoge Woerd

Parasite in the orchard

Castellum de Hoge Woerd is currently situated  in an orchard in the middle of Leidsche Rijn, where activities are organized throughout the year. It’s an accessible location where stories of thousands of years ago come to life.

Events, activities and clubs are organized for both children and adults. There are two clubs for inquisitive kids for the age of 6 to 12 years old, who like history, archaeology and maybe even be an archaeologist one day. For adults there’s the Historical Association, who gives special readings and tours concerning the cultural history of their local environment.

During semi-annual events Castellum de Hoge Woerd shows what this interesting place has to offer and also gives an impression of the future centre of culture and nature.

Future results

  • Design of an ultralightweight building, referring to the former Roman castellum and
    its surroundings.

  • Developing a centre for nature and culture in and around the ultralightweight building. This centre aims to communicate the relation between man and landscape, nature and environment throughout the ages: a time travel machine.

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