• Construction of an ultralightweight building above the mediaeval synagogue.

    A walkable glass bottom above the higher located remains of the synagogue is also in progress at the moment. 2,5 x 2,5 meters large glass plates shall be hooked in the resulting construction and will allow up to 50 persons at the same time an open view on the excavations of the oldest synagogue north of the Alps with its torah ark and the reconstructed Bimah, the reading pulpit at the center of the synagogue. The glass bottom is supposed to be finished in the course of the year. 

  • Protection and climatisation of the Ubian monument.

    The Mikwe, the Jewish ritual bath directly on the Cologne Town Hall Square has reopened to the public. The well of the Mikwe, which leads 17 meters down to the ground-water level, was closed  during the last months; important examinations in order to prevent algal growth and micro-biological pollution in the Mikwe had to be done in the course of a monitoring in cooperation with the TU Braunschweig and the LVR, Office for the Preservation of Historical Monuments in Brauweiler. These tests proved very promising and are at the moment re-examined within a three-month program, as well as the impact of UV-rays on the biological stress in the monitoring area of the Mikwe. At the same time the climate monitoring can be definitly terminated, it has produced important results with regard to the climatic conditions. 

  • Outline plan for time travel machine.

From the laying of the foundation stone in ancient times via demolition and reconstruction in the Middle Ages to the monument in modern time: layer by layer,  the excavations in Cologne guide into the exciting history of the oldest synagogue north of the Alps. However, what archaeologists consider a sensational result means to laypersons often not more than a pile of old stones. Finally, one of the rare structural evidence from the early years of Judaism in Europe can be visited in all its glory! By employing newest technical methods of 3D-reconstruction the Cologne synagogue could be made alive under the PORTICO-project: the film by B&T Bader and Team GmbH turns dry facts of building history into an overwhelming experience. 






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