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The PORTICO project in Köln is part of an innovative larger scale archaeological project aiming to present the most important archaeological site inside the city walls. This covers not only the administrative birthplace of the whole region (i.e. the palace of the Roman Governor of the Province Germania), but also the largest Jewish quarter in central Europe, including the early mediaeval synagogue and the earliest Christian church mentioned in writing in Köln.

Part of this area is already open to visitors (subsurface area). The synagogue is situated in front of the present day city hall. The synagogue has been built on the remains of a more ancient Roman building, parts of the foundations of both buildings still remain in the subsurface. Above these remains, an ultralightweight building will be constructed.

The Ubian monument represents the very origins of Köln being the oldest stone building
north of the Alps (4 AD). Köln wishes to encourage the construction of a completely new architectural shell within an existing building for the protection of an archaeological monument. The focus is on solutions for climate and light damage by means of innovative techniques. Special attention will be paid to the protection of the Ubian monument’s
tufa stones.


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