The coin trail visualizes the historic axis Lys-Scheldt from Grasbrug to Brabantdam which was part of an important European axis, the trade route from Bruges to Cologne. This trade route is visualized by means of a
trail of coins laid out in the pavement. They refer to
the archaeological finding of 12th century French coins on the "Korenmarkt". The coins are engraved with pictures based on a wide range of historic images and texts. Consequently, every coin highlights a small part of the city’s history and heritage.


Four views of Ghent have been digitalized, enabling you to travel through time and the evolving city. Ingenious multimedia techniques plunge you into history and whisk you off on an exciting journey packed with images and information.


STAM has invested in new technologies for the period from 1950 to the present day. Image databanks enable visitors to view the collection in a natural and intuitive manner, using their hands to touch, drag, enlarge and reduce content. The technology is so user-friendly that no computer experience is required.


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