Project information

The project in Ghent wanted:

  1. to give an off-site introduction to the city and the urban reality.
  2. to visualize the history of Ghent by marking historic tracks on-site in public space.

Innovative technologies in the city museum (STAM)

The city museum wants to link itself to the city centre in a public friendly,
innovative and interactive way. The relationship between STAM and the city is provided by new product development based on innovative technologies:

  • A multi-media and interactive presentation of several historic views of Gent.
  • The development of an installation based on multi-touch technology, the MuTable.

Visualizing the mediaeval trade route from Brugge to Köln

Trade route from Brugge to Köln

The incorporation of anchor points and tracks in the city centre is a continuation of the city museum (STAM) in the cities' public space: visualisation of the history of Gent by marking spots and routes. It entails the provision of experiences on a micro-level, provoking curiosity among passers by, functioning as a landmark or object of art. For guided tours and informed visitors it is an educational and informative tool. The landmarks provoke an experience of 'time-travel', creating a higher level of consciousness on the tangible remains of Gent's collective memory.




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